6 Pieces Stainless Steel Serrated Sharp Edge Knives Kitchen Cutlery Set Cook Set


Set of 6 Laguiole Steak Knives
These stylish and practical knives are great as show pieces or for daily use.

With the distinct Laguiole design these knives are micro toothed so will cut through steaks with ease.

The surface of the blade does not touch the ripple technology, clean and fashionable, very practical.

Multi - process cutting edge to make the tool more durable and sharp.

Anti-skid silicone handle with crocodile-lined plastic spraying, easy to use and difficult to slide.

6 pieces of Steak meat food knives

Material: Blade of stainless steel.

Handle: Plastic,Anti-skid silicone

Micro-toothed blade.

Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended

The chef knife
Very sharp, cut the meat just lightly across, cut the vegetables do not need a second knife

Deli knife
Cut the cooked bread, push and pull, do not drop food debris

Paring knife
Cut juicy fruit, do not destroy fruit nutrition, do not flow juice

Scissors and peeler watermelon planer, easy and convenient to use, is a good kitchen helper

Package Included:
A set of 6 knives kitchenwares